Successful LOCAL SEO Strategy

LOCAL SEO used to be about manipulating your website, filling it with keywords and its relationship with the other websites for the sole purpose of pleasing Google’s algorithm. All with fingers crossed that you rank well.

In some ways that is still the case, but as Google’s algorithm becomes more and more advanced the focus of LOCAL SEO is shifting to a more authentic purpose of pleasing the user and engaging them in natural and organic ways.  There is NO set approached written down. However, with many factors you can rank well.

It is important to understand that Google’s fundamental goal is to deliver the most valuable and relevant content for each search query. This too should be the underlying goal of any LOCAL SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

Keyword research and selection lie at the very core of any LOCAL SEO strategy. The goal is to select key words and phrases that have high traffic volume, Not just blanketing keywords like the days of goneby. Once selected it is generally best to be committed to the successful ranking of the chosen keywords and build on their success.

Website Backend

The platform and code with which your website is developed needs to be LOCAL SEO friendly. The website needs to be easily crawled and indexed by the Google bots and ideally easy to mange in order to optimise the URLs and other SEO elements of the website. The URLs need to follow best practice, be customisable, and not duplicated. Dont forget when moving from an existing website you need to take care of your links. Moving a live website and updating is a big deal. Dont incorrectly and you will lose all your rankings. Done right and it improves your Local SEO rankings.